This is me…


Aslm, Hi everyone. This is a brief introduction to what my name, or brand’s name is, why it’s called Insecurity, and generally the meaning behind it all. Bear in mind that this is my brand’s introduction and not necessarily what my blog posts would focus on, but rather where it originates from.

Insecurity is the name and a word that has had a massive impact on my life. I believe that people all over the world have insecurities; whether they be physical, spiritual, emotional, we all have some form of doubt in our minds. They are the voices that keep replaying these awful reminders that you’re unworthy of love, not good enough, not pretty enough, and just not enough to be in this world. I understand that it is difficult and how it might frighten you to move away from those thoughts, believe me when I say that I’ve tried and that I’m still trying even now.

When I was younger, I faced some difficult tests or obstacles that I had to overcome. Not the sort that’s life threatening, but it sure was terrible enough to feel as though it was the end of the world, dramatic maybe but so truthful. People go through struggles every day and yes, there are people that have it worse off, but for you in those moments it’s the worst thing that could ever happen to you and you feel helpless. For me those moments in my life shaped me as a person, they have changed my personality, my physical appearance, the way I look at myself and others, and sometimes the way I look at the world. Maybe it has made me a stronger and more genuine person but at the same time it has made me guard my heart to an extent where I don’t let many people in, or anyone really for that matter. These unfortunate moments have definitely affected me deeply. You realize that this is life and it changes you constantly, always changing your mind, falling in and out of love, hurting over and over again and sometimes you lose yourself in the process .We move on to the next day and try to pretend like we’re not affected by life’s changes and the harsh reality of the spoken words of humankind. We grow up but we still feel the ache in our chests and those endless knots that keep on twisting and twisting in our stomachs .Those feelings that don’t allow us to live a simple, carefree life of absolute bliss. To accept life as it is.

Those feelings, they still burn like fire inside me, even now that I’m older, I feel as though I’m so much more aware of those harsh doubts. At this point in my life I thought that maybe, maybe somehow I would have had a handle on them but honestly I don’t. I’m the type of person that wears their emotions on their sleeves, so having a handle on my emotions isn’t something that comes to me naturally (hahaha).

I’m getting a little off topic here, so basically this is my blog, my brand, a place for you (the reader)and I to be exactly WHO WE ARE, a platform for myself and others to learn about ourselves and life (not sure if this is possible but we can always try). I want to create a place for people to feel secure in their own bodies, and teach them that maybe we all need a little help to try to embrace our insecurities, and maybe even to accept them (crazy I know).

I’m definitely not saying that have I have mastered the art of acceptance, but this is a journey towards loving myself eventually. This is my journey, not just as a young women, but as someone that has been through bullying, and is still living with the after-effects of these events.

This is my blog, not just words typed on a page, these are my life experiences, my brand, my name and my work, which I would like to share, for us to inspire and move each other to feel secure in our own insecurities. It’s okay to doubt yourselves from time to time but also realise that, at the end of the day, life is waste of time if we pretend to be anything but who we are.

INSECURITIES and all that is wrong with me, love or hate …THIS IS ME.

And this is how it all began…


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