Let’s go shopping

My tips and tricks for saving.


Aslm, hello loves. Today we are going to be taking a look at how I do my clothing shopping, budget and generally try to save.

So what girl doesn’t love a good sale at their favourite store? Or having that item you’ve been waiting for go on sale? When you can finally afford the cute pair of slip ons’ at Cotton On, it’s the best feeling on Earth. Anyway, some of you may know that I’m currently living the harsh life of a second year student. You know, that broke life we have come to realize that this is how life is always going to be while we are studying. Even though I live the broke life, it has never really stopped me from occasionally having a shopping day. What I’ve learnt is to always buy items that are timeless, stylish or very trendy and unique, something that’s always in style (like that little black dress at the back of your cupboard).

I’ve come up with a system that has worked for me over the past few years and hopefully it helps you, my fellow shoppers.

Rule 1- Never spend more than you can afford, if it’s not within your budget it’s not worth it (unless you’ve actually saved up for it, but be practical).

Rule 2-Come up with a scale or budget system (whatever you want to call it) of amounts of money you would spend on a certain item for example, IF I WERE TO SHOP AT MR PRICE:

  • Earrings
Single pair I wouldn’t pay a dime over R25

Packed pairs

R30-R40 depending on the amount of earrings you get. Also take into account the size of the earrings
3 pairs in a pack I would pay between R25-30



  • Shoes
Heels R120-R200
Sneakers R120-R180
Sandals R50-R90
Boots (booties and long boots ) R80-R150


  • Accessories
Necklace R20-R25
2 pack necklace R20-R30
3 pack necklace R20-R35
Ring R20-30
Ring sets R20-R35
Bangles R25-R35


  • Clothing
Jeans R160-R299
Tops R50-R70
T-shirts R40-R59
Midi dresses R80-R120
Maxi dresses R80-R200


Jeans are generally more expensive so R200 (that’s if my parents are paying hahah) R160 is usually how much I’m willing to pay. Funnily enough, I’ve payed R80 for jeans before.

I generally have an issue with how expensive undergarments have become but they are definitely a necessity for most women. However, you still can be smart about the amount you pay for it. If you think about no one really sees your underwear so buy the packs of 5, they’re usually about R80 and then splurge on the bra. I don’t wear them so I can’t really give you advice in that department. Tank tops for the win.

Obviously you don’t have to stick to these amounts. It depends entirely on the store you’re going to and what your personal budget is. These are just the amounts I generally work with. I know some might seem extreme but by some miracle, I always manage to find something close to the price or, if I’m super lucky, way cheaper hahaha.

Another tip, or we could call this Rule 3, is to always try to find a store that suits your pocket. For example, I love shopping at Mr Price. I don’t necessarily see the need to shop at high-end stores (right now, but I probably would if I had the money. I mean, who doesn’t like designer clothing). I certainly can’t afford to shop there, so I usually stray away from them anyway. When shopping, I always look for RED labels. They generally mean that the item is on sale, but not necessarily a good sale. The red labels work hand-in-hand with your budget scale. If it’s a red label but it still doesn’t fall under the budget then don’t get it.

Rule 4 is to be patient. Eventually, the prices comes down and there’s always a sale. If you go back and it’s not there, well I guess it’s not meant to be. Harsh, but this is how you save money and learn to control yourself when it comes to spending money on material things.

So there it is ladies, my secret to shopping with a student budget. I hope this inspires you to go the extra length when shopping. Down below I linked some videos about saving and budgeting


Thewildwong- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwZ8pvmlQEk

Brittany Daniel-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwaEgyXFhvs


Obsessions of the week

-Song I’ve been playing on repeat –RaeLynn-Love Triangle



-Trend I’m in love with



And remember, feel secure in your own insecurities.

Fathiya baboo xxx



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